Is being a feminist a dealbreaker to you?

I consider myself a feminist, and no, I’m no man-hater. I’m just very passionate about how everyone on this world should have equal social, economic and political rights.
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And why?
I’m noticing a lot of people confusing feminists with misandrists. Misandrists are the women who believe women are better than men and are known as men-haters. Feminists want society to be fair towards both genders.


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  • I have nothing against femnists. In fact I agree with femnism.
    Hypocrites, however, are a deal-breaker.
    If you claim to be feminist but still always expect men to pay for you, then you're clearly not a real femnist. You're a female supremacist.
    Now that's not to say I have a problem with paying for dates; there are two things:
    1. I just need any date of mine to understand I'm not too well-off financially so I can't always afford it.
    2. If you want me to pay for everything for you, it makes me feel like I'm being used, perhaps even abused. And it makes you look entitled, which I hate.

  • I typically immediately write any potential relationship off with a feminist. The reason being: if the feminist isn't a "man hater", there's a high chance that her friends will be. I'm not interested in putting myself in a situation that could make unnecessary stress for myself by having to constantly walk on eggshells to avoid upsetting people that (in my personal experience) purposely look for things to be offended about, even if it id something petty and minor. The feminists I've had experiences with argue with men seemingly just for arguments sake. There is nothing constructive or no real goal other than to try and make the man feel like he is essentially the cause for all women's troubles. I am very laid back and despise arguing or discussing other people's strong convictions and opinions simply because whatever their point is, it makes no difference to me, I could care less about what they're saying. I'm sure there are some great women out there that are feminists that don't just do things to spite men. However, I've never met one.

    • Regarding your update:

      The reason many people are confusing feminists with misandrists is because most people aren't familiar with the term. Labels to signify a distinction between two groups of people aren't useful when people exhibit behaviors from one group, but classify themselves as the other (ie. a woman conducting herself as a misandrist but identifying as a feminist). Every woman I have ever met that acts in the way which you describe misandrsts, don't claim themselves as such. They claim to be feminists. Maybe it is a lack of education on everyone's end that causes the confusion. Regardless, it is unfortunate that women simply seeking fair and equal rights get lumped in with those which are irrationally antagonistic.

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    • I'm still curious.

    • Thank you for MHO!

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  • Im up for equality... But i think some feminist today got everything wrong... They blame men for everything and exagerate things... Guys have problems too, sexism goes both ways, hate goes both ways, rape can go both ways, dont be surprised, my brother was raped by a girl who couldn't take a no as a response... She emotionally blackmailed him, crying, and threatening until he gave in and slept with her... And at the end she said "i knew you wanted it" he was traumatized, and couldn't let any woman touch him for months... Im not saying anything about you... But before standing up saying mens have it so much better and is unfair for girls... Think twice... We are all humans in the end and gender won't make any difference

  • If you care about EVERYONE having social and economic rights, you would be egalitarian. Feminism focuses on the needs of women - we need to stop saying otherwise because it's misleading. If the feminist movement was about everyone, they would talk about men's issues, black's issues, gay's issues - but they don't. Not because they don't care, but they're a niche group who focuses on core issues for that group, which is how groups work.

    That's like saying breast cancer also advocates for HPV - they don't.

    • Actually feminist movements such as HeForShe focus on where men are disadvantaged in society

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    • No they don't. Point to something they have done for MEN, that benefits men? I mean they constantly claim they are fighting for men to be able to "express" themselves, but thats something men do all the time its just we don't do it in the "right" way i. e. how women do it so feminist fight for us to act more like women but that is obviously not to men's benefit (or societies). So what have they done to benefit men?

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  • No, it wouldn't be a dealbreaker in and of itself, but some people are so passionate about their political views that they cannot handle disagreement, and that could be a problem (not disagreeing itself, but being unable to handle them).

  • Every time I see women on Tinder identifying as feminists I swipe left.

    • agreed here, but that's because they're unlikely to be explaining their position on their bio, unlike this woman here

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    • @manax male feminists think that selling themselves out will help them get laid.

    • Tinder no, I haven't used that in a while. More self-descriptive dating apps, yes it's quite common. I'm not at all interested in men like that and am lucky to be dating a guy who doesn't identify as one at all.

  • Depends on how you define "feminist". Since misandrists have tarnished the term "feminist" to the point that most equate it to "man-hating", it's hard to define it causd half the people have one definition and the other half have an other.
    Feminism in the equality-sense should be normal, but feminism in the misandristic sense is definitely a dealbreaker

  • No one is confusing feminism with misandry, feminism IS misandry. It has been feminist who have actively fought AGAINST equal rights when it comes to parental rights under the law (NOW (national organization of women) actually where proud that they where able to lobby against a law that would give equal custody of children as default rather then the default preferential treatment that women get). They also pushed for the complete removal of male reproductive rights (men have none, they demanded that women get the right to abort a child without the mans consent but then also actively fought to force men to have to pay child support (as if they where for equality men would also be allowed to choose whether or not they would be a parent as women have the right to do)). They also fought to push the Duluth model of domestic violence framing it as a power struggle commited by men against women, ironic as statistically WOMEN are more likely to commit domestic violence (and child abuse) then men are. They claimed that their was a pay gap, they came to this conclusion by getting the average incomes of men and women not of men and women with the same job and similar experience and time at the company which if they did would show their is no wage gap. They have balked at the idea of being forced into conscription like men are. They also have screamed about "female genital mutilation" even though its illegal in most nations and is quite honestly fairly rare being found only in a few countries in Africa and the middle east meanwhile they haven't said a word about male "genital mutilation" which is absolutely legal in the west, is commonly practices in the west and is found in all countries that practice of female circumcision and many other places where its not found. They have actively campaigned against men claiming that masculinity is "toxic" yet never mentioning any type of "toxicity" of femininity. They ignore biology, claim that all bad things come from men and women are perpetual victims. They ignore the fact that men are the ones who are statistically more likely to suffer in almost if not all categories not women. Feminist don't fight for equality, they fight for women to have more rights then men and to have more privilege with no responsibility. So yeah, its a deal breaker. I have as of yet not found one statement made by feminist to be accurate either being an out right lie or a half truth.

    • I would like haters to point out a single reason that guy is wrong about?

    • @AlphaGhost Those who profit from lies will inevitably hate the truth and those who speak it. If I was wrong they would merely point out how, and then provide evidence, they can't do that however so they down vote and say nothing (and those who do say something usually use personal attacks and appeals to emotions or the "no true scotsman" fallacy rather then pointing to statistical, historical, or scientific data.

    • DuDe what you expect from a gender ruled by emotions.

  • It'd be a hurdle for me if I was single. I don't favor "equality" if it comes at the cost of freedom (ex: I don't favor affirmative action). I have always found a strong focus on equality to be more counter-productive than productive for everyone involved.

    I actually don't even favor the Equal Pay Act because I think it's bad for women (and minorities) with perverse incentives:

    I am probably with you in that I want a society that is better for both men and women. But I don't favor much of an equality mindset, and am hesitant of people who emphasize it too much, because the equality mindset can actually hurt the sexes. Another example:

    >> During the 1980s, the author, Tekla Miller, advocated a change in policies within the Michigan correctional system that would result in women prisoners being treated the same as men prisoners. With no trace of irony, she characterizes as "feminist" her own fight for "gender
    equality" between male and female prisoners and for equality between male and female institutions of incarceration. [...] Although Miller did not succeed in preventing the inmate from participating in the commencement, in addition to her cap and gown, the prisoner was made to wear leg chains and handcuffs during the ceremony.'" This is indeed a bizarre example of feminist demands for equality within the prison system. -- Angela Davis, "How Gender structures the Prison System"

    The feminist in the above example on succeeded in making things worse for women. I'd rather focus on making things "better" for both sexes, not "equal" as in "same".

    • The feminist in the above example [only] succeeded in making things worse for women [with her obsession on equality].

    • I have a similar thought about couples that extrapolates to the rest of society. Take a lover's quarrel between a man and woman. If both are obsessed with equality (ex: dividing responsibilities in a way that's "perfectly equal"), then chances are they'll both end up fighting a lot and miserable. If, instead, they asked, "How can we make things better for both of us?" then I think they'll both come out happier and even attain a more equitable result between the two of each other. And I extrapolate that thought to the rest of society.

    • One other thing is that when we take issues like sexism, racism, etc, and I am certainly no stranger to discrimination as a biracial person, then I do not think that can be overcome by forcing people to do things against their will through the force of law, like forcing someone to hire me to meet some "biracial quota". Such force can often build resentment and fuel a whole new kind of discrimination.

      So while it might suck in the beginning, the only way to overcome prejudice and discrimination in my opinion is for anyone who is an underdog to convince others, through their own undeniable merit, to overcome their prejudices. If we cannot overcome these prejudices as free people, then I don't think we'll ever overcome them, and I feel like many feminists believe that you can use more forceful and heavy-handed means to overcome them (and strongly disagree).

  • Feminism is a pointless concept. There is nothing anymore that men do that a woman can't do so i think its achieved its goal. As such its a deal breaker for me because they usually are not very grounded or are infact a femnazi pretending to be a feminist.

    • see @Lela247 most of them these days... are just feminazis... they don't want equality.. they want to subjugate men. and guys like me... we fight em. and we remind them of Nature's inequality theory... we aren't equal. we were meant to be together. Half and half. Women nourish and nurture... men provide and protect.
      Like i said... even with all the "advantages" women have, you don't see men fighting for "equality" with women. we are smarter than that... we don't want it. Keep it lol. Can you imagine a guy with a period?

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    • Honestly I would totally love that

    • @Anthony_Yes Man.. i hate random boners... and even worse... ragers... I've almost cried cuz of a rager. and @janna_jcb thats what you think. imaging getting one, but not being excused to leave. but you gotta go. then what? your rights weren't violated right?
      I've done my research, most societal rights, allowances and all that other nonsense, stems from nature.
      Example, according to nature the man is the stronger one and the woman is the weaker one. (even though I've seen some women that can put a guy in a tough spot) but because of nature's definition, apparently guys don't "hit" women...
      funny thing, the REAL saying is you don't hit anyone... but women, as always, have to make it about them. Me? i go with the original saying. I don't hit anyone... but if you put hands on me... best believe you are getting hands back.

  • Feminism has duped entire generations of women into a believing that it's preferable to have a life of being a wage slave to a corporate lifestyle who would replace them in a second and living a life of casual sex, is somehow more fulfilling than caring for a husband and a family.

    If feminism made women happy, the western world would have the happiest females on the planet, but what do we have instead? The grouchiest, most nagging, group of filth you'll ever have the misfortune of meeting. Feminists are never satisfied. They have everything men have and more, (except the dirty, dangerous jobs and higher suicide and incarceration rates but I digress) but they still want more special treatment.

    Feminism has taught young women to resent housework and therefore feminists are ugly, not because of how they look, but because they've been robbed of the innate ability to enthusiastically nurture and love those closest to them.

    The single motherhood rate is higher than it's ever been, abortion is rampant, we elect politicians who are charming and good-looking who promise safety, instead of electing those with character, and marriage is a poor choice for most people now. Thanks feminism.

  • I believe in equal rights and fair treatment across the board. So no, I don't have a problem with it, in general.
    The problem I do have is when people fight and say things are unfair while not looking at the larger picture of reality.
    With that, I do not stand for treating women as sexual objects. That will really piss me off quicker than anything.

    Take politics for example. We have women in politics at nearly all levels. The reality of the situation is that only a few have ever been selected for the higher seats. Only a few have been selected for Vice-President, or have run for President. The few that have run for President have been surrounded by controversy. Give us a woman who isn't surrounded by controversy, doesn't flaunt the fact she is a woman (we can see she that fact) and she may stand a chance of being elected.
    We have women who serve at all levels of business. Only a handful make it that far because many still make the choice to step into a traditional role of staying at home to raise a family.
    Another reality is that there are more women who are a single parent. As of the last data census 82.2% of all single parents were women. Many sacrifice the education they need to move up the corporate ladder in order to earn money to provide a home and raise the children.
    It's not that they don't have equal rights. The reality is they can't do three things at once. Full time job, raise kids, and go to school. A job and college is daunting by itself to most people.

    In my view. It's not that the rights are not there. It's really coming down to the choices that are available to the individual, and which choice they make.

  • Not if the feminist woman is open to a relationship and accepts that all guys, even the cool progressive ones, are products of a patriarchal society and understands that being woke 24/7 is hard work. Coming to terms with the fact that the gender roles you were ingrained with as a kid are a pack of lies designed to oppress 1/2 of the people you love is painful. Accept that sometimes, when the world gets us down, we'll revert to the old patriarchal ways of thinking - not because we're assholes but because it's familiar and gives us support in a time of weakness. We can't be perfect, nobody's perfect. Part of what a partner does is provide support. Sometimes that requires putting up with sexist bullshit, seeing past it to the innate goodness of the person behind it. Sometimes it involves consoling the person you love because they're down over some sexist BS idea that they know is bullshit (e. g. financially earning less than their partner can hurt some men's sense of self worth). No man is perfect, no woman either. So long as you accept that the person you are dating is a person, who loves you and wants to do right by you, and are content with this then it's no obstacle.

    • "even the cool progressive ones, are products of a patriarchal society and understands that being woke 24/7 is hard work."
      lul k

  • Do you know why so many people confuse feminists with misandrists? Because of feminist theory. There are several preceps of feminism which 3rd wave feminists have no idea about.

    1: Belief in the "patriarchy". Belief that society was created *by men* in such a way so as to benefit men at the expense of women.

    2: The belief that women have been oppressed for 20,000 years. That marriage was female oppression and slavery. Slavery by whom? By men.

    Given these two precepts of feminist theory, how easy do you think it would be for feminists to devolve into hating men? After all, the precepts of feminism are "men are oppressors."

    Of course, 3rd wave feminism tries to side step this. The concept of 3rd wave feminism is overly simplistic. "We are want equals." But the thing is, you have to define equality. And feminist theory has certain ideas on what they see as equal and unequal. And those are uniformly anti-man and pro-woman.

    In any case, I could give 3rd wave feminists a chance, becasue many of them have their heart in the right place, they just have no idea what they are labeling themselves as.

    So, it doesn't depend so much on how they label themselves as to *what* things they see as unequal and their perception of men. If they believe that men oppressed women for 20,000 years, that is a deal breaker for me. Because that kind of thinking will easily devolve into hatred of men. It is an assertion of male nature, an assertion stating that men are inherently oppressive and abusive. And that spits in the face of all the sacrifices men have made for women throughout history. Of the graves of 10,000,000-20,000,000 men who died in the world wars. The men who died working in coal mines or hard labor, just to support their families.

    I can't be with a woman who has that negative a view of my nature. But, if she is simply indoctrinated, yet still has a similar definition of "equality" as I do, I can deal with that, even if she labels herself a feminist.

  • Depends on the type... And there are different types. For some guys, it's not that they're against text book Feminism, it's just that they can't be bothered with the hassle of figuring out which kind of feminist they'll end up with, so they don't bother.

  • My ex was also a feminist and she also THOUGHT that she wasn't a man-hater, just someone who wants equality... But that's exactly the reason why she was a man-hater.
    She believed that everything must have 50% men, and 50% women and that if there's an imbalance it's necessarily because of misogyny. Not sexism. Because she didn't see any problem that men suffer because of being men.

    And she refused the innate difference in behavior and thought of men and women. And she believed that everything is just a byproduct of socialization.

    But the thing is. We are VERY different. And we have different paths to follow to live happily or give it a try.

    You say you care about equality but (remaining within the border of your own country) have you ever wondered about the 95% male death fatalities, the 85% male homelessness, the way we are adamant about FGM but hardly shrug about MGM (circumcision), the paternity fraud, alimony, 80% male death in suicide, lack of male shelter (and feminist activism against those), sentencing gap, children custody gap, different funding for breast or prostate cancer, life expectancy gap, etc?

    For many of these subjects, the reaction from feminists is just "oh but look at this thing that concerns women!". No! We do. We already do all the time. But if you ACTUALLY care about equality, why do you only look at one side of the equation?

    Feminism nowadays is just about intersectionality. And it's BS. It's racist and sexist af. And disconnected from reality. And it creates misery, in particular for men while pretending to help because supposedly when Satan... I mean patriarchy... disappears (which there is no criterion for), it should all be bliss for everyone.

  • Blah blah blah..."Feminists want society to be fair towards both genders"... blah blah blah. We KNOW what the DEFINITION says. Unfortunately for you all, we also know how these Feminists act in public and society. The definition and the ones practicing Feminism don't add up and don't go together.

  • Depends on the person but I would have to say yes. I'm all for women having equal rights, pay, etc but feminism now is nothing but blaming men for everything, which is actually solving nothing at the end if the day. I would not want a partner with that mindset because I feel I would be emasculated and that just won't sit well with me

    • The women blaming men for everything are actually not feminists, they’re misandrists.

    • I guess there's a big reason why a lot of guys here think the same as me. If what you say is true then these misandrists somehow meshed with the feminist movement and more or less have tainted what feminists are actually out for. Sorry to say though hearing someone say they're a feminist would still make me turn around and walk away

  • Feminists in the West are absolutely worthless to society. If you want to help women, move to a country where they actually need it.

  • Not a deal breaker, but only in the sense that they are true feminist and won't engage in intelligent conversation with others who have differing opinions. I support equal treatment, I have 3 daughters I want to see succeed and hope will never be undervalued or unfairly treated in any many, including because they are women. The Golden Rule never said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, unless they are of the opposite sex."

  • Feminism was never good in my opinion and feminist women are of no interest to me and any other self respecting man. Feminism turned women into men and I dont want a man i want a girl who acts like a girl

    • So, a woman who gets on her knees and cleans your floors and cooks you dinner and is there for you whenever you want to humo something? Is that a “girl” to you?

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    • Men like you encourage women to NOT achieve these things. Because you want control. Your fragile ego doesn’t allow you to understand how a woman can be a thousand times better than you in anything, from cooking and cleaning to building machinery and C++ coding.

      So be a little more humble and educate yourself. Think a little, will ya? :)

    • The irony of you telling me to be humble after that extended episode of self indulgent flattery is both remarkable and terrifying

  • No problem. I used to be feminist until I realized there were way too many people giving the movement a bad name. Now I'm egalitarian. Regarding gender equality, the purpose is pretty much the same, but it's a movement with more down-to-earth people.

  • Sorry but Its not a good quality in my opinion. Sure you maybe for equality and want to help men as much as women but feminism isn't what it used to be. If you care about equality it's better to just say you support equality instead of saying you support feminism as there is a large corrupt portion of Feminists.

    • So you think Muslims should also change what they call themselves because an extremist group causes bias?

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    • I don't see any good feminists leading a fight against misandristic feminists.
      Neither do I see them helping men and male problems.

    • Look up the HeForShe movement then

  • "Feminists want society to be fair towards both genders."
    There is no official definition or requirement to be a feminist.
    You cal literally believe everything, and call yourself a feminist.
    Example: intersectional and trans-reactionarly radical feminists are directly contradictory.

    And let's not talk about lesbian feminists, who believe to be a feminist, you can't love or even like a man.

    Do you know how often I have heard feminists say different iterations of "I don't care about men"?
    Or "I don't hate ALL men, I love those in my life."

    Sorry, but feminism and misandrycertainly have common roots.

    Regarding the question, I would talk to her. If she would be willing to admit the problems and hypocrisies of feminism, and would be willing to reconsider my views, and taking a big red pill with me - I'm all for it. But if I have to heard about me being a privileged straigh white male even in my own house - well, that instigates domestic abuse. Chances are she'd end up 6 feet under, as quality soil for a few apricot trees.

    (BTW that's a joke)

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  • Yes, i'd never date a male feminist, never met one i've liked..

  • You're not a feminist if you support equality between the sexes 💞 feminism is about equality for women on the *bases* of the equality of the sexes...

    That means that women got all the rights men had at the time and women didn't, so actual feminism really isn't needed anymore since women have every right men do. But since it doesn't go the opposite way, there's no true equality. Men don't have few rights women do.

    You're referring to "egalitarian" and that isn't a deal breaker to most 💕

    • The definition of feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes though...

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    • @pitzi You are a smart girl. I was surprised to see you are only 16. I just wanted to say it's nice to see a woman state what you said since I think a lot of men feel the same way. And yes that is the actual definition of feminism.

    • @LeoLionEye
      Aw thank you 💕

  • Well, basically, just say you want equality. Even friendship wise, if someone tells me they are a feminist. I try to avoid them some.

    • Why? Feminists want equality

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    • The definition of feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.

      Feminist movements are still working on equality, now also focusing on things men are disadvantaged in

    • yes, I'm aware what it's meant to be. It's also essentially giving many women the courage to bash men and scream about how they are below and deserve better opportunities than men. I'd still rather just say I'm into equality. The media loves to blow up and give loads of attention to the extremists, but I still just wouldn't label myself that way.

  • Okay so when I grow up I want to do something like charity and protection to women who are victim of abuse or any unfortunate situation and have 'nowhere to go'. Because often these women get no shelter and become vulnerable so pimps and traffickers take the bad advantage of it. I can't protect all women alone but I want to do as much as I can because it can save lives.

    If a man has a problem with that, he can go home and suck a bear's dick.

    • I don't think any man would have an issue with that afaik

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    • can you chill? Take a moment and consider her viewpoint. She may live in an area thats much differnt from you, where women are indeed more mistreated and men dont give a shit. These countries do exist!

    • @jeremythedrummer Name one and I will point out how your entirely incorrect. I mean lest look at the middle east, people keep saying women are oppressed their yet they can only say that because they ignore all the oppression that males face (for instance why hasn't the west talked about the child prostitutes, male child prostitutes who are forced to whore themselves out in order to provide for their mothers and sisters because by law and custom the eldest male is obligated to provide for his family? Why when Boko Haram kidnapped 100 girls the west screamed about sexism how they where trying to bar girls from going to school while ignoring that they had first KILLED 100 boys while letting the girls go unharmed, followed by letting the girls go unharmed again as they burned 50 boys ages 7 to 17 alive all in an attempt to protest/terrorize the west into not pushing western education in their countries? Why where they ignored? The list is endless.).

  • Women can and should never have the same rights as men. Sorry, not sorry. Women couldn't make good presidents, because they never use their logic instead of emotions. It is already fair that we have a lot of rights, but sometimes it's impossible to do it equal, because men and women are different.

    • Found the guy pretending to be a girl. LMFAO

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    • If you're not a dude, then you got daddy issues. XD Ofcourse women ain't equal to men. And I would never want to be a man. Men are boring and ugly.

    • Shut up you misandrist

  • Women say they want equality but its just ridiculous because they want a man to provide for them so they dont have to actually provide for them selves and if we have equality it would also mean men would have an equal say in a womens pregnancy. Sorry but all the women out there using men for a finacial advantage are making the whole equality thing obsolete and men get totally screwed when it comes to paternity leave also

  • It depends upon the person who calls herself as a "feminist" you see for me there's no such thing as equality... Equity is more necessary. Equality is like an obsolete thing, Men will never be equal to women simply because we have differ special skills functions rules both unique in their own ways. And sometimes "feminism" is being used to attack the other gender especially on court cases which gives a negative impression for women movements or organisations.

  • Yeah, it is. I couldn't be with someone who calls themself a feminist.
    I value egalitarianism, and more often than not I find myself at odds with the pseudo-leftist politics of feminists.

  • If you are really "just very passionate about how everyone on this world should have equal social, economic and political rights", then you shouldn't feel the need to brand yourself a feminist in the first place to be honest.

    I would date a feminist unless their vocal about it, or won't be able to take me disagreeing with them likening equality to a feminist issue.

    • Regarding the update; Sorry but no, you don't get to personally decide who is and isn't a feminist. Your argument is null.

  • Its not, but people have forgotten what it means to be feminists because of the focus media has on exploiting or parading misandrists as feminists... now the narrative is screwed up in people's minds because it's so easy to get information out quickly to people, good or bad, and once the bad information is out... thats all people will remember. That's why so many movements and causes in the last few years have gotten bad reps, or backlash.

  • I’m a woman and even I’m sick of the feminists. I’ve had feminazis yell at me because “you’re not being a strong woman!” Or for wanting a boyfriend “boyfriends suck!”. Besides, I don’t need a group of people to empower me. My mom is a strong woman but she is NOT a feminist. She wore the pants in the family metaphorically because my dad is a coward. Feminism doesn’t need to exist anymore because women are already treated like anybody else in most cases, of course sexism still happens but not as much.

  • I’m a feminist we all have different beliefs... I believe in equity... equality is nice but it’s not the same. Shouldn’t be a deal breaker though

  • Not really but it can be if they're too Tumblr for me.
    Depends on the kind of feminism really.

    • Just the sheer fact of supporting todays feminism is not a good thing lol

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    • Its ok. Bye.

  • Nope. There are extremist Feminists but not all Feminists are like that (and I'm a Feminist). Why would I want to be with a man who doesn't support women's rights?

    • You're definitely an extremist if you jump to conclusions like manipulating someone into implying that they don't want women to have rights just because they don't support a super entitled group.

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    • @AuroraRoseat Thanks Aurora!!, ya im sure there are lots of you out there. I agree.

    • feminism is a subset of egalitarianism; if you are egalitarian you are also feminist. But the people have messed with the diction of feminism so much.

  • It shouldn’t be. A feminist is someone who finds for equal rights and treatment. A feminazi, on the other hand, should be a dealbreaker for most men. But there are many who confuse the two.

  • Why not just refer to yourself as an egalitarian?

    • Tbh I had not heard of that term yet.

      I’m just really fed up with radicals ruining it for every group in society, thus also in feminism

    • I agree with you. I believe in why feminism was created and what they used to stand for but because of a lot of extremists, peopel have started to look down upon modern feminism

  • Listen to Spiderus

  • People need to educate themselves on the word "feminist". No it's not a dealbreaker. It's a dealbreaker if they're not

    • It’s sad how now most people have those two confused. It is sad how men get extremely defensive and are completely against feminism, rejecting even the equal treatment aspect

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    • can't be surprised since in a lot of cases, be it abuse, trauma... These men often dont have a place to turn to. Or they choose not to. They are told from young to suck it all up and not let it show, ehich is emotionally vety detrimental. As an Asian myself i can testify, that is true. We are told that all the time.

      And there's the notion that women are supposedly weak. Which is not true at all. They are told, especially in less-developed countries that they cannot have the same access to education and work as males do. Moreover, child marriage is common, and all the prevailing issuea that entail, such as rape...

    • @jeremythedrummer Yeah true. But sadly men who believe that encourage or force other men to behave “manly” or else he’s not a true man. Men these days have extremely fragile egos.

  • Of course it shouldn't be.

    It's awful to see most guys voted yes...

    I guess they just want submissive house wives who clean their dirty things and cook all day, who will toss them a beer when they get home and who will shut up when he's denigrating her to impress his friends..

    Guess what guys? If the girl you like is not stupid nor oppressed, she won't take you antifeminist.

    This is pretty nice actually because that means primitive thinkers like you won't have as many opportunities to mate.

    I know most guys in my generation aren't like that, so I'm happy that I'll get to live through the modernisation of gender rights.

    No one should want to make anyone feel like they are below them. That's just from being insecure and fearing that if anyone else knew how great they are then you would become meaningless.

    Work on yourself, stop being bullies

  • See the reason I don't like feminism is because they blame men for bad things instead of the idea of bad things, they act like men created evil. Even the ones that say they love men still don't love men enough to talk about the countless of sexism and double standards towards men, because they still really could not give a fuck. Feminists say they love men and boys but will defend things like "girls do it better" or "boys go to jupiter to get more stupider" but will get triggered when someone says "boys will be boys", WHY DO WOMEN HAVE SUCH A BIG PROBLEM WITH MALE EMPOWERMENT! Lets also get one thing straight feminism was NOT made for men, stop lying about the definition so people can hop on the feminist train. Feminism is and will only ever be for women. Because if it was for men then men wouldn't have created men's rights activism.

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