Dating the ex... but she won't commit again?

So a few months after our breakup, we are finally talking again. We hung out, and things led to us in bed. I moved a few hours away, and I have grown a lot since I have seen her last. Both physically and mentally. She really, really likes my changes, and we are basically dating again while I am home. I live a few hours away still, so we don't want to commit, she also says she doesn't want to hurt me again. Every minute I spend with her, it is like we are back together better than ever, we are even skyping and texting more than we did when we dated for 2.5 years. Everything is wonderful except she won't make us official again.

Should I just give it time, should I forget about the commitment and just enjoy time with her, or should I push for us to get back together? It is obvious she wants it, but the distance really sucks.
I should add that since we dated, I have lost a lot of weight and I am much more muscular than I was before. I also have gained a "I don't care what you think", which she loves right now. We are even going on dates now...which I didn't do in the past


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  • You should just forget about her. She's already your ex and you can't bring back the old relationship.


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