If a guy likes you, would he always try and touch you?

so if a guy liked you would he always try and touch you like your arm or is it possible that he could be more shy about that sort of thing and when he invites you over to watch a movie he will sit right next to you but he won't put his arm around you and when walking with him if I asked he would give me a piggy back but never touch my arm or anything when talking. After we hang out we either talk again over facebook straight away or he messages me saying thanks for chilling with me :) and tells me I am a good chick:) then says goodnight

so I am a little confused he tells me every time he hangs out with a girl and we talk everyday do you reckon he likes me or not?


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  • Well with my experience that is usually the case. If they like you they will find an excuse to touch you whether it be your arm, hand, head, etc. But there are also some guys who want to respect you and want you to make the first move, so that they aren't invasive. He could just want to act gentleman-like and treat you like a lady. But since he enjoys hanging out with you one on one that should be enough to say that he likes you.

    • so should I make the first move and hug him or something the first time we me he hugged me then he never iniciated it again

    • Yeah just give him a short sweet hug. He should get the idea.