Is this normal for guys when it comes to texting/chat?

To be vague or short..."haha" "yeah I know" I just feel like if he didn't want to talk why does HE even initiate contact


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  • I know what you're talking about--and that's just bullsh*t if he's the one initiating. Like neardark said, try and deviate away from texts into phone conversations. It could be that he's busy and is trying to just send a quick reply, but if he does that all the time, he's just a deadbeat to the conversation.

    Could also point towards disinterest, but I wouldn't go that far yet.

  • Does he do it all the time? if so is he always the initiator? .. if the answer to both these things is yes .. then YOU should just call him. Get away from texting ... its just awful. Texting leads to weak connections between people, and short "uninvolved responses" like that are a symptom of week connection. But other than that I do it when I'm buisy, or I'm either emotionally "burnt out" or uninterested in the topic of discussion (and the reasons for that can be just about anything)


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