Why won't guys hang out with me alone?

I tend to get on well with guys, they laugh, they confide their feelings in me, and I've been fortunate that guys are often very nice to me but unlike my female friends who all have male friends that come over, my male friends won't hang out alone with me. I've asked directly with more than one guy and in each case they said it was because of sexual or romantic feelings and they couldn't handle being alone with me. Do you think this is the truth? What do I do to prevent my male friends from regarding me in this way? Can guys and girls be just friends or will someone always want more? When circumstances have arrived that we get stuck being alone they blush a lot, talk very little and seem to have trouble looking at me directly or they try to initiate something sexual. I had one friend take his clothes off in a parking lot when we were in the car alone in broad daylight, he didn't try anything just asked if I wanted to look at him.

No they don't all know each other. I don't imagine I have a reputation as being slutty since I've been only in one relationship and no one has ever called me that before. I haven't been rejecting them but I am in a relationship so its kind of implied.


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  • Do all of these guys know each other? How many of them is there? Have you been with any of them? How many have you rejected?

  • wow that's kinda weird ha ha maybe you have a reputation that you don't realize you have...


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