Kissing on the forehead from my guy best friend?

So my very close friend(bff) & I were into each other @5yrs ago but neither of us made a move but the connection was extremely deep. I never forgot him even though I moved on & had 2kids. Now my kid's dad is out of the picture we've become friends again. We talk often & get together once in awhile. Sometimes we have sex, sometimes we just kick it. When we have sex, omg... it is so out of this world that there are no words to describe it. Sometimes we lay in bed & he'll just stare deep into my eyes & I feel vulnerable. We have the greatest times together. My other friend made a comment about us "soul fu$kin@". And my bff agreed. When we 1st hung out again he said he didn't want 2b in a relationship/commitment. That was @3months ago. I think about him constantly & just thinking about us having sex makes me smile 2myself. The other day though I was at his house & he kissed me on my forehead for no reason. I got butterflies BAD. In the car he has reached over & grabbed my hand, or sometimes when I leave he'll pull me close & just hold me without saying a word. I am so confused & don't have a clue how to handle this. I'm 31 w/2kids & he is 24 with none. He has also cummed in me 2x & said that he rarely ever does that. He does know that I have a IUD though. I am SO confused. He's great with my kids & even helps carry my sons car seat if my kids are with me. I don't know if I should not say anything, or let him know how he makes me feel. The only problem we ever had was I had told him that when I sleep w/someone I sleep w/them & them alone. 2hrs later he told me he would sleep w/anyone else either. I told him I didn't want him to say that because he felt pressured. He said he wasn't. The next wkend us & 2 other people got 2gether & the girl there was one who had slept with before. I caught them screwing around & blew up. Not out of jealousy, but because he lied. I almost never talked to him again. We talked it out & things are cool now. That girl is long gone. And he has always said how much better in bed I am then her. I screwed up though & to get him back slept with the other guy that same night. I have now only been with 5 guys & at 31 I don't think that is too bad. I told him I was only mad cause he lied & that was the truth. If hadn't have told me he agreed to sleep w/me & only me I would've been fine with it. I just hate being lied to. But we're over that & that was about 3wks after we found each other again. We have even talked about how in the past we were both into each other & how different things would be if we had gotten together then. I just don't want to make a wrong move or push him away. He is a Gemini & me a Libra & it says that match is VERY compatiable.I also know to be very careful w/Gemini's. They are a like Dr. Jeckle&Hyde. And that doesn't help. I am so confused but more than anything I am so lost...


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  • I am a bit confused after reading your long story... :) (that's maybe as well the reason why you haven't got an answer so far).

    If you want more from him, than just better tell him. You'll break your heart endlessly if you don't. If he is not willing to commit to you...and that is smth you don't like, right? than you should stay out of it! Honestly it's better for your kids and most of all for you!