Who would you choose?

1) the funny athletic hot type (makes you laugh and smile a lot but don't know too well...yet)

2) the super sweet sensitive cute nerd (makes you feel special but his parents don't want you to date him because of religion differences)

3) the hot popular dude (has some player qualities and a bad boy rep but can be really nice)

4) the best friend (can talk about anything with him and have a good time)

5) the new guy (dont know too much about yet but is really nice and calls you beautiful)

who should I choose, get to know or date or what? please help, I'm so confused and caught between them! I don't want to be like a player and have all of them at the same time because that's mean. any advice? what would you do?


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  • I would choose number 1 because I'm too young to settle down with number 4 yet, and I don't want to ruin our relationship.


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  • Oops. I thought this was referring to girls.

    I would choose 1.

  • All guys have different preferences.