Did he call me ugly or not?

so a week ago I added a friend fromhigh school that I had a crush on on facebook so we started talking and gave him my number so we could text so we started text and I admitted on how much I liked him in high school and he said he liked me and always thought I was beautiful but today that conversation came up again and I said to him I really wanted to be with you in high school and then I asked if he wants to be with me and he said oh I don't know and I was like OK a week ago you said you wanted to be with me in high school and thought I was always beautiful so I was like what do you mean you don't know and he was llike well you look so different then you did in high school so I was like what do you mean like for the better or for the worse and then he chaged the subject like he didn't want to answer that question. so now what I am wandering and confuse about is what does he mean when he said oh I liked you in high school you were beautiful and now he saying well idkif I want to be with you cause you look so different then you did in high school. is he trying to implie I was beautiful in high school but ugly now or what?


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  • hate to say this girl but forget him. he only wants you for your looks, not for who you actuaally are. I'm sure no one wants to be used a a tool instead of treated like a person.


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