Is this guy playing me? or really looking forward to dating me?

i met a guy online we talked for about 2 week constantly flirting, and then gave him my number, we texted non stop then..after the 2 first days we texted he told me tht before we started talking on facebook, he broke up with his ex 2 weeks ago from a 6 month relasionship ,after finding out tht she cheated on him, I felt so bad, but after he told me tht he's gonna give her another chance I got so MAD becuase she didn't deserve him, and I was really looking forward to meeting him for the first time, we still texted after he got back with her, but agreeing tht we would stay friends, it was weird though because we still flirted a bit, he asked for some sexy photos in just panties but I said no, he was sorda begging, but when I told him tht he has a girlfriend tht he loves? he shouldn't be asking another girl for a sexy photo thts her job not mine then told me tht he aggress and apologized, but after tht day he didint text me for a weekk, then finally sent me a text and we started talking again, he told me tht him and his girl broke up tht, he's single again, so now we have been texting for about 1 month and we haven't met, he told me he likes me and would want to be more than just be friends but isn't ready to be in a relasionship with a girl after his ex. we text everyday and when he doesn't text me back one day he apologizes, I know he sounds sweet but how do I know this guy isn't playing me or useing me to get over his ex, how do I know if he really likes and cares about me or is just texting me for the hell of it?


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  • He sounds like a horndog