So this sounds weird, but how do you french kiss with someone? I have a new boyfriend and we're both new at the whole relationship thing so I have no idea what to do and neither does he!

Please help!


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  • OMG I just got a boyfriend and I never made out with a guy before him and he's very experienced so I was nervous haha. But it was OK because I told him that I never made out with anyone and asked him to teach basically just kiss...and keep kissing. When you first's just a regular peck..nothing to worry about :) Then the second or third let your lips rest on each others' lips and open your mouths and play with each others' tongues ;) Trust me, you'll get used to it after the first few times hahaha


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  • Just stay relaxed. It comes naturally for the most part. Like the other girl said the first kiss should just be more of a normal peck and then start slowly opening your mouth more. My boyfriend started with the tongue, so I just kind of followed what he was doing. I just basically kept kissing him until he pulled away. French kissing takes a bit of practice, but it can be really great. good luck (:

  • Um this may not help but I started by just rolling my tong in circles. It came natural very fast though and I just did what I felt was right.

    Hop that helps

    • That's about it. I love frenching. We weren't horrified, just terribly amused when we were looking over our wedding photos - and mind you, these were professionally taken - and one has us kissing and if you look closely you can see my tongue! LOL we couldn't help but laugh.