He'll call if he likes you..right?

I'm beginning to think this guy I like is full of it. We use to talk a lot on the phone. Now he only text's me( hardly). And just resonantly said he doesn't like to talk on the phone(BS! he use to) He pays for everything when when go out, but doesn't call. Everyday he sends me some stupid random ass text message, I guess to engage conversation. what's going on? I really like him, but he's draining my energy.


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  • So much for this guy being a challenge, eh? Sounds to me like this guy is already on his way out.

    Me personally, if I liked you, I'd only call to set dates. Minimal texting. If you want to talk about something for more than 10 minutes, you can save it for the date, or call one of your girlfriends...because if you talk all the time on the phone, wtf are you going to talk about on a date? Also, I too hate talking on the phone. I like to get on, say what needs to be said, and get off the phone.


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  • Got me I wana know the same thing

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