Does anybody know of a real school for scoundrels?

This question is for guys who have seen the movie "school for scoundrels" that came out few years ago. It's basically about a top secret school where wimpy, lonely nice guys are trained to be scoundrels. Consequently many of these guys have a lot more success is their dating lives (although the end of the movie has a twist).

This lead me to think a bit. I'm a skilled martial artist and I'm physically very tough. This took years of training, conditioning and discipline. But I'm not good at verbal confrontations at all. I have lost many more arguments than I have won...even when I was right at least 80% of the time. I avoid verbal confrontations...and I am ashamed of my track record. This has also hurt me in professional areas of my life as well.

Reading a book, seeing a movie, getting friends advice or even getting a private coach is NOT ENOUGH.

I did get some good advice from DOC LOVE about being more of a challenge to women. The biggest area I improved is ignoring women, calling them a lot less often and overall not being available as much. Most of the time this worked, especially in the initial steps of getting a GF. But I screw up down the road when we start having differences. Most of my relationships fail after a few weeks.

So I'll ask again. Does a REAL SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS exist?


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  • No such school but books and stuff are unlimited


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