How to start dating again?


I have made previous posts telling my story before, but I've been single for 2 months now after a 3.5 year relationship. The sad thing is before my ex I had a lot of game and dating was easy. Now I have no idea how to make the transition. Its not that I don't know how to get a woman interested in me, its that the tacit knowledge of asking a girl on a date, getting a phone number, when to make moves, are all so foreign to me now. I know half the problem is that I am by no means over my ex... but I do know that our relationship is over. I've taken all the steps to move forward in my life, and although still reluctant, this is my next step. I find it hilarious that I had been with 20 girls before and now I have no game.

What's funny is I'm better looking, in better shape, have a better job, an MBA, and more money. Where should.l I begin? (Oh and I already know talking about an ex is a turn off and I would never do that.


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  • Start the way you did before you had a lot of experience with women, by talking to them. Try going out and putting yourself in social situations where you can start to feel out how to act again. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to remember everything at once again, take it slow and let yourself get back into the grove of being single.


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