Do you know how to get over gaslighting?

1. It's okay to be upset or emotional. Get all of your feelings out however you please. Don't let anyone call you bitter, mad or upset. You were PLAYED and GASLIGHTED. That's fucked up.

2. Realize how you could avoid that and identify men similar to the guy who hurt you. What made it easy for him to play/gaslight you? Work on your confidence, raising your standards and gaining wisdom.

3. Realize nothing good comes from being negative. Don't focus on revenge. What's sad is people going around hurting people because they're fucked up in some way. What's good is you were able to grow and learn from a toxic ass situation.

4. The man who gas lighted WILL try to piss you off to create another outburst if he sees you moving on. These guys run in cliques to purposely fuck with strong women with high self esteem. Move in silence. Don't tell him shit about moving on. Block him on everything, ignore him and even get a restraining order if you have too.

5. These guys aren't right in the head. They will use anything to fuck with you. Any information you gave them. ANYTHING. If you're a virgin, they'll call you a slut. They'll deliberately spread rumors about you and you will notice the immature/inane adults soaking that drama up to piss you off on purpose ignore it.

6. Find something to focus on. Have you ever wanted to surf? Learn. Wanna learn something? Study. Do positive things in your life and grow for yourself. Be a a stronger woman then you were yesterday.

7. I know it's hard not to pay attention when people you cared about talk shit about you, but don't. They'll play with your emotions. Being control of yourself, your own thoughts and actions.

8. Don't think about them. Block then out entirely. Get rid of anything that reminds of them.

9. If you like writing and communicating like me, buy a journal. It's a good way to let go of anger and sadness. You can cheer yourself up with your wise words and inspire yourself.
Do you know how to get over gaslighting?
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