Should I initiate contact with this Dominant?

Anyone can answer my question but would be helpful if you are into the D/s lifetsyle.

I met this man man on a normal dating app, I said on my profile I was looking for a D/s type relationship and this man messaged me instantly after matching. We text continuously for 2 days he wanted to know everything about me and seemed really keen.

He then changed his profile to say that he was looking for a D/s relationship.

The 3rd day he messaged me good morning and asked if I slept well I said I did and he said he did too most probably because he was happy he had found a potential sub. I replied saying ‘’must be lots of potential now with your new profile ;-)’ I regret saying that now but what’s said is done.

Then I sent a worded picture message and said it had reminded me of a conversation we had the day before that was in relation to being submissive to which he replied saying ‘yes exactly that nothing less’

I didn’t reply to the last message as I was busy at work that day and since then I haven’t heard anything from him. Now it’s 2 days complete silence. Has he lost interest in me and pursuing other sub girls after he changed his profile? Should I message him or wait to see if he messages me?


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  • Your reply wasn't exactly inviting if you wanted to explore a D/s relationship with him. He was probably looking for more of a clear answer the first time and since he didn't get it might have thought you weren't interested in one. It's possible he has found someone else but you won't know if you don't ask.

    • So do you think I should just send him a friendly message?

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    • Ok thank you for your help

    • No prob. If you have any questions feel free to follow. I've been a dom my self so might be able to help with any questions there

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  • You want to be a sub, it's your turn.


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  • Well I dont think he has lost interest in you. May be he just found your comment little offensive. If you are really interested in him, talk to him.


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  • If you want him, message him.


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