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  • Mmm, if you were a housewife, will you care and love your man more then if you were a working wife and why?

    • Nope. I would be more available (as a housewife) for sure but I think it's healthier if both the man and the woman work so that they don't think about each other all day which usually leads to overthinking and being miserable. Both will be happy to come home to each other so the woman will probably me more caring and it's more money for the household so it's a win/win.

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    • I think you should watch mad men all the way through, it might change your opinion on that

    • I'm someone who cannot be changed...

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  • Should a guy be nervous about approaching you if he is interested?

    • The less nervous he appears to be, the better. If you're confident and honest with your approach, you have nothing to worry about and don't stress about rejection, it happens to everyone !

    • Good answer- I tell other guys this all the time.

  • Should I just go and stop hoping that I will find the one? Since I didn't even had a gf!

    • You should try to find someone the internet makes things much easier so don't give up we are 7,5 billion people on earth !
      I gotta say though, there's no such a thing as "the one", there are many "the ones".

    • Hehe many ones.
      I didn't find any one, really šŸ˜…

  • Why do women find being nice so unattractive?

    • I think it's human nature to be attracted to rejection and to reject attraction

  • I have questions pm me

  • What do u look like?


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