Do you think my personality seems interesting?

In the last few years many people told me that I have a rather interesting personality. I didn't even know that something like that existed. I mean everyone's unique so shouldn't every single personality be considered 'interesting'?

So I'm just going to list my main personality traits. These are for most part selected by people close to me since most people don't have a very accurate self reflection...

-prefer group of close friends to many distant friends
-very polite
-don't trust easily
-quite shy around people I don't know well
-not really good at accepting critic
-interested in art, literature and music
-play the piano
-do traditional and digital art
-can sometimes get jealous
-super nerdy
-love to spend time alone or at home
-don't like going to parties, prefer staying in


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  • You do sound interesting to me, but whether someone's personality is interesting is a matter of personal taste and not everyone will like it. Important Thing is to have Friends that do appreciate your personality and interests.


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