How can I tell if a girl wants a close friendship or if they are attracted to me?

I have a few female friends who we constantly get into really deep and personal conversations that can last for hours at a time. I can't tell if it is because they think I'm a good friend/listener (probably true), or if it's because they want me to go further with the relationship and ask them out. Sometimes I'll get snaps from a girl with just a selfie and no caption and I don't know what they want either. I know it was just sent to me as it's not their normal streaks snap, but I don't know what to respond. I usually just snap back a "what's up" and some small convo happens from their.

Could I consider these friends as just friends, or are they interested in me. I have never dated before and am terrible and seeing hints.


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  • They want you to tell you if they look cute or something nice I would say they are intersted In you

  • you need to be more communicative on what they want from you.


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