PLEASE HELP :) Is it normal for a guy to feel like this sometimes?

A couple has been engaged for a year but the guy sometimes looks at other girls and wonders if his girl is attractive enough.

The girl is everything he wants. Loyal, kind, loving, loves his family, cares about him, and loves him. But the guy will look at other girls and wonder if his own girl is good enough in looks. And lately he's been more critical of her. Example: "Why do you have to his habit?" "Why don't you do something different with your hair?"


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  • I think people will always look. But, I don’t think it’s healthy for your relationship to look at another person and compare your partner to them.

    Your partner is who she is, and because of that she is BEAUTIFUL. She cannot change how she looks, and maybe she is happy with the way she is.

    If someone is constantly comparing their partner’s looks to others, then perhaps they should do their partner a favor and date someone else.


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  • It’s normal to look at other women, just know that you have a special one and that the other women probably aren’t your type and probably would never look twice at you. Also if you haven’t dated much before the one you’re with then it’s natural to wonder if you have the right one


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  • nah it's treason and he should get good. This man worries about his woman's hairstyle? I think he's low-key homosexual trying to get out with a lame excuse

  • No
    If he truly loves his woman then.. He shouldn't be looking at other women..


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