Is he mad at me or is there someone else?

Hi everyone. I've been dating a great guy the past few months. We dated in person, however, I'm away currently for university. he's been begging me to come home this month, however, it was last minute and I couldnt afford the flight home. On Friday, I text him and told him I'm going to New York by my Dad. I mentioned this before. However, he read my message and never responded. It's been 2 days.
Is he mad because I choose to go to NY although I told him a flight home is too expensive?
Or, could he be seeing someone else? So he is losing interest by not replying? He says he's been busy the past 2 weeks but he still reaches out. Just these two days he hasn't. Thanks.


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  • He is pissed and he has every right to be

    • Why does he have a right to be mad? I don't see why he should.

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    • I never planned a trip home. We were discussing it, but I told him i couldn't. This was last month. So i did not "cancel" a trip home. The plan is I'm going home for Christmas.

    • Like I said he has every right to be mad and he is also right to end things with you, you clearly are too sloce minded and I'm-always-correct-everyone-else-is-wrong girl so I don't expect much

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