How long do you normally wait until you try dating again?

Taking issues from one relationship to another can cause major issue with the next. When my ex wife and I separated she was with a guy the first week I was gone. I was devastated with the separation and I decided to get out a few months later. Which I realized was a huge mistake because I actually fell for her. We only lasted 4 months because she had major family issues and needed to deal with them. 6 months later I met someone else. I was still saddened by the loss of the last and took that into the next relationship. We were together a year and half and had major issues. I don’t think either one of us was ready for a solid commitment. Now my heart is shattered and just not sure if and when I’ll be ready again.


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  • How long depends on how much you work on yourself. You must realize that things happen and some are out of your control and others you made a mistake. Accept it and move forward. It's in the past. Take those experiences and become a better man for the next girl. Cause every girl you date next deserves the best version of you and want to see what you can bring to the table. So focus on yourself. You're worth it, you're awesome, and only opinion that matters is yours.


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  • I have never been married, but if I ever do it and we separate, I think I won't want to date anybody.

    • Been married and it’s tough. Especially with kids and meeting someone new. That was hard. We all got along really great at first but there was so much sabotage from the kids and the ex’s. Her and I were great until the stress got to us. I’ll date but not until I heal. That’s gonna be the hard part.

    • Their mom has had 3 or 4 guys move in and they all left and now there is a new guy there. It messes with the kids bad. I can’t date for a while because both the kids and I have to heal. They need someone solid to lean on.

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