He tried to kiss me on the first date..Should I?

i bypassed and kissed him on both cheeks.there was definitely a strong physical/mental attraction and it was mutual.everything had gone well up to that point.i really liked him, which is rare for me and I was, well, flustered.I'm out of practice and rusty.

that was Fri., three days later, needless to say he hasn't called.i can see from his point of view he probably thought I was rejecting him and not interested.

should I send him an email, fun and light, of course?or just leave it?


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  • Shoot him an email to let him know your still interested. He's probably feeling awkward about it so don't expect a kiss on the next date unless your he one who goes for it.

    • Thanks for your response.I did, kept it short and light.No reply.Guess, he wasn't as interested as he said he was.Oh, well.Thanks again.

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  • talk to him but don't bring up what happened,since you bypassed the kiss he might not go in for it again so you should probrobly going for it to show him you are interested more than just friends

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