Is it bad if I want attention from my boyfriend after fighting?

We got into a heated talk yesterday. I didn’t want him to be overwhelmed so I just said it was fine if he went to his friends.

He did but mothing was resolved. He came home asking me to join him in bed. The following morning he ordered us some food but didn’t really spend time with me. He was on his phone asked me to stay in the room with him but wasn’t really talking to me.

So so after being on his phone for a few minutesi went to go watch tv, then I told him I was going to the mall didn’t hug him.

He legt me go. He didn’t care that I was upset. I just wanted to be hugged


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  • How was he supposed to know you were upset or what you wanted? I think girls need to learn that their boyfriends aren't their girl friends, they can't tell her you are feeling or what they should do about it, in most cases. If you want something or want him to know something you have to tell him.

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    • If you want a hug, why not just hug him if he aks just tell him why. I don't understand how saying how you feel would lead to a heated discussion. Often to avoid heated discussion you have to somehow not put the blame on the one you are talking to. To do that all you have to do is avoid saying his name or you and try and take responsibility for the problem and ask him for help solving it.
      Guys often like solving problems so if you ask him for helps solving a problem (the problem being your feelings) he would likely do so. If he refuses to acknowledge your feelings he probably doesn't care.

    • Thank you :)

  • You stir up drama and pull this crap and you want him to fix it all for you? Grow up.

    • How do I go about it then? :/
      I honestly just wanted to be hugged and kissed. I wanted to feel reassured. But I didn’t want to be negative.

  • Of course not silly you want his attention all the time


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