What do I do about a guy who will disappear for 2-4 weeks every 4-5 months from health problems?

When we first started dating he told me one day he was having problems and then I did not hear from him again in almost 3 weeks when he resurfaced during a scheduled date and told me he had gone to the hospital and did not feel comfortable talking about it online. Then things were going well - we were talking every day - he seemed interested - and then disappears again - for another 2.4 weeks. I haven't heard from him since August 3rd and he hasn't read any of my messages since August 6th. I know because there is a glitch on my phone that allows me to see whether or not people have read my messages. He is supposed to re-start school in a couple of weeks so I am thinking of meeting him at school if I don't see him online until then. I don't know if I should cause I don't have a lot of friends but people might think I'm weird if I show up at a school that I graduated from when I am not taking courses there. I also made the mistake of telling everybody I graduated so it might look even more awkward if I were on campus - people would assume I'm not working.


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  • Ditch him. It sounds like it's either rehab from drugs/alcohol or something worse.


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