My boyfriend called another girl "pretty". I was pissed. Then, he said "she's pretty but lesser than you". I am super jealous. Please help?

My boyfriend, was shooting for a movie with this other girl. By talks, I was convinced she's not too pretty so I was okay with him shooting with that girl. One of the scenes required couple pictures of both. It was that time he commented about "she's less pretty than you." I was super pissed and I even told him.
I asked him, if I called a guy "cute. But less than you. How would you feel?" He said, he would be like, "hmph. Lesser than me!".
I still don't feel good about this situation. Please help.
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  • He finds other girls hot and pretty, you need to deal with that because it's pretty much the case for any guy regardless of whether he is in a relationship or not. The only difference that you make in being an ass about it is that he won't say it around you. It doesn't mean that he won't think it. He will.

    The point is not that he finds other girls attractive, the point is that he has chosen to be with you and you should be happy with that. Commitment is a choice, it's not about not finding anyone else attractive. It's about deciding that your current partner has the best of everything that you want and like.

    You will never be the prettiest girl on the planet no matter how hard you try, but you are the only you and you are the one he wants.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Big deal. Its minor.

    • This was the first time he said something like this in our 7 months relationship

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  • Sit down with your boyfriend and iron out the rules so he won't hurt you anymore and try to control your jealousy

  • Do you call any man near him handsome or compliment them in any way?
    If so, you are a hypocrite.


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