What should I do here I’m very confused and anxious?

My friend hooked me up with his fiance sister and he thought we would be a good match. We have been on 4 dates within 2 weeks. She is very shy and to herself I see and we have not even kissed yet or anything.. which I feel is odd. But I’m not that type as I don’t want it to be awkward. But she tells me good morning every day and talks and makes the effort which I like. But after Wednesday Night we had the 4th date and I brought up why have you been so distant with me in person? I just want to make sure if I’m making you feel uncomfortable? She told me she is just protecting herself and it is going to take her time to open up to me her last relationship didn’t go well and she is “scared” and doesn’t know what she wants? She also said if you dont want to wait I understand? She has not answered my text now it been 3days now and not sure what to do? It’s odd for me? I’m thinking of sending her message tomorrow saying “Hey hows your weekend so far been?


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  • If you would like to pursue a relationship with her, it is a good idea to send the message. She is probably a little bit unsecure and as she describes it 'scared'.

    If you think things go too slow, that is also understandable. But it doesn't seem like you can do anything to 'speed things up', so to say. Either give her the time and space she needs to develop trust (by just being kind to her, and not demand anything in return), or be honest that you prefer not to wait that long, which will probably be the end of the relationship.

    By the way, good of you that you asked it plainly and openly. She probably respects that as well, although everything I say about her feelings are all speculation (only she knows what she is feeling).

    • Yeah well just makes me wonder why she hasn’t answered me since Wednesday.. makes me feel she isn’t I interested? I feel someone would want to talk no? I will send a message tomorrow asking how her weekend was see how it goes..

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