Should I text him or na?

Ok so I’ve been texting this guy for a little while (about a month) and we hit it off reallllyyy quick. Yesterday I saw him & he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. He said he’d call me later that day. Never did and no text or call today lmfao. I’m kind of whatever about it but a little bummed bc I thought it was going somewhere. Should I text and ask what happened orrr just forget about him? I understand things happen so if he has a reason it’s fine, but I’m not ok with this otherwise
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  • Maybe he had soemrhibg going on cause maybe he has a life 🤔 jk. But just wait you don't to seem desperate😉


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  • I think you should wait cause if you ask, you will look clingy


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  • Girl maybe he’s busy, sometimes things kinda get in the way


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