I haven’t seen this guy for 4 Years?

I known this guy since we were small our parents took us everywhere together and we kinda had a crush on each other since then but now that I’m meeting him again after 4 years of not seeing each other he says he wants to make love to me and that he doesn’t have a girlfriend but that we should create new memories together but he keeps posting this other girl and then when he saw me he said I looked the same and skinny and when he was posted the girl he was like you a ten you a ten I’m really confused 😐 why is he still looking for me if he already has what he likes plus he told me that if we are talking I’m only supposed to talk to him and no other guy but he is clearly talking to another person I really feel played like what should I do?🤦‍♀️


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  • I think you know the answer. He hates the idea of you being with someone else but does not fully want to commit to you either. If he really wanted to be with U he wouldn't play games with you. You deserve better than that


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