How would I make someone willing to give me just a chance?

Disregarding my own self image, people seem to think I'm a good looking guy. People also tell me that I'm lively and fun to be around (despite how dead I am on the inside). Despite all this, I haven't been on a date in almost 4 years. Girls who know me befriend me but then they never even give me a chance to be something more. Personally, if a girl I was friends with wanted more, I'd be willing to at least give her a chance, even if I don't think I want to be more than friends, because what if I'm wrong? If I end up being right, no big deal, if she takes it well, we could just go back to being friends. Is giving a guy just a chance not something girls ever do? Am I the only one who sees things like this?


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  • Do you go out or are you in any kind of clubs? You can start just by trying to approach women and flirting with them. I feel like you seem all good when it comes to be friends and be fun with women but you may not be great at seducing someone? You need to create some chemistry and then there is a little bit of a game to play at first. It doesn't mean you are not real or anything. It's got to be exciting at the beginning, makes you want to know more about that person etc

    • What you're saying makes it sound like you don't believe you can be in a relationship with someone you're friends with. Am I correct?

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    • But why can't a relationship come out of a friendship?

    • It can. But if it's your only strategy it's not right. It's not the same type of feelings.

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