What makes a guy come back into a girls life?

there's a guy that we always have fall outs but then he will contact me (sometimes me too) and we end up hanging out. We had a pregnancy scare type situations so serious scenarios where we both pretty much told each other to fuck off. But he always touch base and we hang out that night or next night. Then we go on for a month or so of not speaking no matter what I say he always comes back. Just curious. I realized I love him and unless marriage is on the table I don’t want him coming back because that’s what I want now. And I told him that. I’m just curious tho. Guys, do you do this to girls you care about? Her sex awesome? No other dude does this but him. And he’s real attractive I know he doesn’t have issues finding women.


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  • Just because he’s horny

  • Thirst, hunger, desperation, drought, and starvation.


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