I got more attractive so why did so many more boys like me in high school than in university?

Looking back to high school, guys liked me from the jocks to popular kids to kids in theatre to the smart guys who were top of my class. Some boys chased me some only stared at me but I got their attention.

After high school I enrolled at a top university in my country and ever since i have barely been hit on or approached let alone asked out by the boys at my University.

The only difference between the boys at my high school and University is that the boys at my university are a lot smarter and nerdier since it’s a hard school to get into. However most aren’t socially awkward to the point where they don’t have girlfriends and they do approach other girls.

If anything i have become even more attractive physically and personality wise. I am more outgoing now than I was in high school. I am slightly skinner, have longer hair, dress better than I did in high school.

So why is it that I have less guys asking me out and approaching me in University?


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  • Tyranny of choice. Sure you got hotter, now they’re in contact with over 10x the amount of girls as before. Unless you’re hotter than them, you won’t be their first choice. It is strange though that no one approaches you since at my university, girls over the entire spectrum get approached.

    • To be honest the girls from my high school were prettier on average than the girls at my university. There are more girls but just as many guys. In fact there are more guys at my university.

  • So, take the initiative.


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