Should I re-date a date from years ago?


I dated a guy only one time a couple of years ago. I really was broken up and was trying to force myself on the dating scene. A really hot guy matched with me and immediately offered to meet up for next day which was the day before Christmas
the date was really nice but half way through he kissed me, which took me by surprise. and 4 hours later I said goodbye and he kissed me again , which I thought was a bit much for two people that don't know each other much yet
when I got home home about half an hour later he sent a text to say he had a great time and wondering if I was out now with my friend as I said
I politely replied I had a good time , that I was out and wished him good holiday and 'lets see each other when you back

he never messaged back , I was not phased and did not care cause of my broken heart with my ex.
an thought anyway he probably just texted to have sex with me right after the date (am I right here?)

now , 2 years later , I have bumped into him twice in 3 weeks. my mindset is totally different lol and I am like 'oh sweet Jesus , really was I blind 2 years ago?' the dude is hot stuff. I pretended I have not seen him , but second time this week , he looked at me from afar with 'that ' look. staring and I can say he was pleasantly looking. I don't think he recognised me though, I don't know
fact is : my heart is not broken anymore lol and I see the potential of this guy quite clearly now ha !

I still have his number , and I may use it?

creepy? or yes girl go for it?


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  • Simple

    • he is not an ex

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    • Sounds bitter but that is the truth... the truth is always a hard pill to swallow.

    • no it does not really matter mate, you put so much drama into that lol

  • Nope... walk away

    • well , why? I was just not ready to date and perhaps neither was he maybe it has changed. There's lots of awful dudes out there , and this one was pretty well mannered and really good , good enough for at least an other date

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