What would you think being contacted 1½ years later?

I previously had something going on with this gal. There was mutual interest, and she did invite me to crash/sleep at her place, a couple of times during our encounter. Frankly we didn't end up sleeping or making out together, but had many personal texts about our life / family situation etc. Unfortunately things kind off dried out, and I only blame myself for not taking action. I moved to a new city to study, but now I'm back with a full time job near her university. I know she is still single, and probably looking to have fun.

You know how you only end up regretting the chances you didn't take.
Think that can be formulated into something similar - "I know I'm a bit of fool n stalking creep. But I really regret and replay the scenario over and over of how things could've been between us. Even just a memorable night"

I'm not convinced that she wouldn't be all cold "Well that's your loss"
Ever tried something like this? Is there anyway to increase my chances?
How do you own up to it the best way.
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  • Get the **** out, I don't do second chances regardless of the situation
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  • I'm getting married next week lol (classic)
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  • otherwise you will regret not taking the chance again. The worst she could do is say no. Then at least if she does you can have closùre and move on.

    • You're right, there's no need to complicate it. thanks.

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  • Dont be so convinced that had you done this, than the desired results would have certainly crystallized. Forget the past and that event, you have learnt from it.

    • So you wouldn't even try if there's a slight chance. I don't get that point of view honestly.

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