girlfriend is always on her phone when we face time?

Should I be worried about this I’ll be trying to talk to her and she’ll just be on instagram it snapchat while I’m trying to hold a conversation


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's only a sign of things to come; she can't keep focus on just talking to you when there's other things to be looking at. She may not be very good at listening to you in future scenarios.


What Guys Said 1

  • Give her some time. Try to think if she wants to converse with you as well. It often happens that after a period, relation may become monotonic and to stay excited we look out for other things. Relationship don't move at same pace throught their time. It always slows down after a while.

    Maybe you are facetiming her too frequently. You can reduce contacting her for a while. It's because we tend to get so used to a person that we often neglect their presence in life. See her response, if she is still conversing well with you and if it's not what you think is alright then have a talk.


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