Why give me your phone number and address and then not hot me back?

So I hit up an old female friend on Facebook the other day. About ten years ago we kind of dated for about a month. When we started talking again the other day, she told me how sprung she was over me and how good it sex used to be. She then asked me to stop by her work and say hi. I did, things went good I thought. We went out and had a cigarette, she introduced me to her Co worker, then she told me to find out about where this place is to take her kids that I was telling her about. She then gave me her address, and told me to get ahold of her later that night and we were definitely gonna hang out. Then I texted her, she didn't respond. I thought about just going by her house since she gave me her address, but I'm just not that type of guy and I couldn't bring myself to go to her house. I have messaged her like five times and no response. She looked at the first couple, then stopped looking at them. Why did she ask me to come by her work, then give me her address and tell me to hit her up after she gets off work at 5:30, tell me we were gonna hang and then not even respond to my text. Not even to explain why she changed her mind.


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