We were supposed to hang out 2 weeks ago and now she won't reply to my texts, did I blow my opportunity?

I told her I liked her 3 weeks ago. I told her I liked her since summer months ago. She thought I forgot and she said she didn't know how she felt. So then I move on rather quick and her friend starts asking questions the next day about it. I told her I moved on pretty much.

The girl I like texts me a few days later and we had the most flirty conversation we ever had. She asked me to hangout with her and her friend that weekend. She had some family photo thing to go to that morning and couldn't make it. Then she did some choir thing for the school and invited me up there. I said I'd walk and she said it was too cold not to risk my life, we'd chill some other time. I didn't really wanna go anyway and I told her that. So since then when I try to talk to her she responds to my initial text and then that's it. Should I give up or keep trying? I don't wanna annoy her with texts, I know how that can get...


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  • sounds like she wants you to chase her.. from there its up to you if you wanna play her game or not (I wouldn't)