He don't give a fuck about me 10 days for hours I waited him to see my messages. He don't even respond?

we meet in instagram he is real guy not fake. we talked months we got closer. but now he don't give a fuck about me. even if he is online he don't even look my messages or respond. I like him so much he said "me too" but... I asked him he said "real feelings" but now he don't want me


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  • Then do the same , who don't recpect your feelings don't waist your a moment in thinking about him, go on at your life

    • 4 hours he still even don't look at my message 😭😭😭 he changed from 10 days before at least he were answer in 1 hour. now he likes and follows another girls. he ignores me. and i love him. he said i love you before

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    • thanks for your help🤗

    • You are welcome kind heart one any time

  • Welcome to the internet girl. You got to be pretty ditsy to think that some internet guy is going to really be true. So much to learn cindy even for a 24 year old, I am surprised.


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  • Just move on from him. I'd never trust someone online. A person on the Internet could never truly develop feelings for you, because they can never really get to know you on a personal level, coz the basis of the relationship is online communication. That's just too superficial.

    • he said he loved me maybe in the future he will marry with me his messages was emotional and realistic all of this was a lie?

    • It's a red flag if a guy on the Internet declares his undying love for you. You need to be realistic about it. Love takes time to grow, and you can't know a person's character until you see how they are in real life situations and circumstances

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