Do guys ask any girl to marry them?

I’m talking to this guy for almost a year now and we’re not even bf/gf, all of sudden he tells me that we should get married...(he already made comments about us raising our mixed babies before)... I played along and said “let’s go” and he responded saying that he was serious... I’m not mad about or freaked out. My confusion lies on whether guys find saying that as a funny joke or actually don’t say that frivolously. I know people joke but I never thought a guy would joke about marriage to a girl unless they liked her because why would you want her to be more up your butt (I’m the same after he said it because I’m indifferent to marriage but I know girls that obsess and if a guy said that they’d start planning their weddings!)
I don't know, like do guys reserve that for someone special or just say it like nothing?


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  • I wouldn't say it unless I meant it.


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