Should I text this after my boyfriend cheated on me?

My boyfriend spent the night Thursday night, we had sex for the first time in 3 weeks cause he moved out to “take a break.” Had the nerve to kiss me Friday morning and say “I love you. Have a good day“ on his way to work. Of course I haven’t heard from him since.

Then I find out he got in touch with 2 women last night and told one of them to call him that he’s on his way to “their city.” So isn’t contacting another woman trying to meet up with them cheating and that was at 5 a. m. So I was thinking sending a text of just laughing emoji’s or saying “Goodmorning Pumpkin Ester. So how did that pumpkin taste?” Then sending laughing emoji’s.


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  • Just dump his ass.

    • Should of known his idea of “taking a break” meant sleeping with other women. But told me over and over again that he hasn’t talked to anyone behind my back.

  • Why?

    • To let him know I know

    • You could ghost him, save yourself the pitiful explanation.

    • He was more than likely drunk if he was headed somewhere that late in the morning. He would never go anywhere that early in the morning on a Sunday unless he was drinking so that would be the only excuse he could make which still isn’t an excuse. Which this makes me so mad cause he was accusing me of talking to other dudes and he said he needed to to take a break cause he’s stressed out and needs to figure things out. That our future plans are still in place. He said no cheating or talking to other people cause even though we’re on a break we’re still in a relationship. But yet I find all this out.

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  • No you should ghost him. Or make revenge. You can break his xbox or ps4. You can also sell some of his stuff or you can just save your time and break up with him over text also block him everywhere you don't need a thing like him in your life!

    • I don't know why he didn’t just break up with me before doing all this like I wouldn’t find out but Regardless if he slept with one of them or not, he still got in touch with them wanting to meet up.

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    • I wasn’t going to message him but I wanted him to know that I know what he did. Whether he slept with one of them or not he still met up with them or tried to.

    • Yup I understand that. What he did was awful.

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