Is it better to ask a girl to hangout or to go on an actual date in the beginning stages of dating?

They seem to both have positives and negatives. If you just hangout it could flow better but if you dont go on an actual date they might not know how you feel. Thoughts/opinions from both genders please :)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think state your intentions tight dorm the start to avoid misunderstanding. Based on her response you will get good idea if she has the same interest in you.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Typically my dates go like this:

    Date 1: Meet for lunch or coffee. Get to know the basics, feel out the chemistry. Answer the question, does it seem like we both want to sleep with each other? Yes, no, maybe, or heck yeah. If no, then there is no next date. If heck yeah, then we have sex. If yes, then we often plan to have sex on Date 2.

    Date 2: If we have not already planned to have sex, then answer the question: Are we going to have sex or not? We need to make up our minds so we are not wasting time.


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  • Actual date


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  • I'd prefer an actual date, but it's really what you think will be best for you to get to know her and make a good Impression.


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