Is it nothing or should I be worried?

I've been dating a guy a few months and last night when I was at his house I noticed in the drawers in his bathroom there was a box of tampons..
I never said anything but it's been annoying me
Could they Just have been there from when his ex stayed and he just hasn't bothered throw them away?
What you think?
Guys if girls leave stuff do you sometimes forget throw stuff away after break up


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  • could easily have been from an ex. Has he given you any reason to question if he is seeing someone else?

    • No he's never give me My reason that's why was just hoping they were left from an ex

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  • Maybe he keeps some just in case a girl visits and gets caught out! It has happened, I am sure.


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  • He might very well have bought those and put them there in case you ever needed a tampon while you were staying with him. That's a real thing. I read an article in Cosmo once (don't judge me), that said it was considerate for guys to keep a box of tampons or pads at their place in case their girlfriend ever needed one.

  • What brand and size were they? Was it the same tampons you use?


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