How to tell my crush I like them?

So, I've had a crush on this guy for a while now, but I know they like someone else. I just want to tell them to get it off my chest.

How do I tell them that I like them?
I told him that I liked him. Turns out he doesn't return feelings, but we're still really good friends. Thank you to those who replied to the question!


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  • Just tell them you like them a bit more than friends? Maybe do it over text and he'll get it and you dont have to worry abour having a conversation before it.


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  • Find a time where he isn't busy and tell him you "really" like him and that you just wanted him to know because you didn't like keeping it to yourself, then you wait for his reply and it's done simple as that! good luuuuuUUUuck <3


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