The girl I like knows I have social anxiety, what should I do?

I had 2 close friends and they betrayed me and started telling people my secret of my social anxiety, including the girl I like. She randomly started texting me again but I can't tell what she wants. Is social anxiety a turn off for girls? I dont really know how to ask her out (ask out girls in general), could you also help with that?


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  • I say that it’s very good that she texted you. It’s okay that she knows because she’ll have to sooner or later. She could be trying to ease the anxiety by texting first and seeing how things go. The more you do so possibly the easier it will be on the both of you to move to a level of hanging out with each other and eventually getting comfortable to ask her out.

  • How to ask her out:

    Find out if she wants to date you. You can get her somewhere private and ask her "Would you want to date me?"

    And if she says "Yes" then ask her on a date. Give her a specific time and date like "Do you want to go out with me on Friday night 6pm to eat?" Pick the place to eat, don't ask her. Be decisive.

    Don't look at your social anxiety as a barrier, look at it as a challenge, something that can be overcome. That said, have realistic expectations, she won't know how to deal with that part of you, so you will have to talk to her and give her suggestions, just communicate very well.

    Practice helps more. If you avoid asking people out you will never get over this. You need to develop coping skills and the only way is to take a risk and practice lots.

    Good luck! I know exactly what it's like to be really shy. I got over my shyness but only with lots of practice. It got easier and easier over time.

    • Thank you I appreciate it! The only thing you said that confused me was finding out if she wants to date me. For some reason I can't see that going well for some reason. Would I ask her to hangout at some cool place and jokingly ask her "would you want to date me?" And see what

  • Social anxiety is a turn off as far as attracting her goes. If you succeed on conveying your fillings later you will be in let's just be friends zone. She probably already know your problems if she had seen you talking to others. It's a good thing that she is still interested for some other pros that you have but you have to play it right dude. Ask here to come to a cool place you want to visit and tell her to bring friends too and you bring your friends. There you need to show that your not a looser and you have to win her friends first. Well that's as far as this advice goes your on your own.


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