How should I respond to an exorbitant amount of "I love you"s?

When I am talking to my girlfriend she interjects with "I love you" or "I miss/missed you" at a rate of one interjection per fifteen minutes. I am finding it often difficult responding to these interjections and am wondering how I should respond to them without making an issue of it with her.


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  • You use words like interjection? You must be a nerd. She is just saying how she feels bro, don't be a douche.

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    • I think you are misunderstanding me. Take your favorite romance novel. Every 15th line the guy says in a random space place the words "I love you" ... throughout the entire book and you must respond every time. That's how conversation is with her. Naturally I would just say "I love you too" or "I love you more" but after a while I sound like a broken record then she starts questioning whether or not I love her. This becomes an exhausting process and I feel the need to change up my response.

    • Maybe express that to her

  • grab her face, kiss it hard but not like romantically, more in a funny smooching, pecking sort of way all over, then tell her to shush, that you love her/missed her too, and then if she does it again within the next 5 minutes its either cause she wants more kisses and attention, or she's being weird. You can test this by ignoring it once and seeing what she reacts with.


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