I'm depressed because I'm obsessed with my boyfriend?

i've been in love with him since the beginning of our relationship. I'm very clingy, jealous, and I think about him all the time. I'm obsessed and think he's always flirting with women on his phone, gets jealous when he sees his friends, and I get angry when he doesn't reply on time. I've tried to not reply to him in days to make myself seem less clingy. I sometimes treat him mean because I get jealous, but he's pretty nice to me. Although, he often brags, doesn't really like pda, and I think he likes his friends more although he tells me he doesn't. I do have school but I feel like I'm stupid and it makes me even more depressed. Life with my own family isn't good so it's making me cling more cuz I wish to move out


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  • I had a similar problem due to other factors and what happened was that I forced myself to distance myself after realizing i can't be a good girlfriend and he doesn't deserve it.
    He should definitely know about it and maybe even he will offer some suggestions as to how to spend your time and be more busy and productive in order to be less clingy

    But for the jealousy, I don't wanna say break up, but if you can't control it and at the same time affect your boyfriend negatively, maybe you have to be just friends. Unless you work hard on yourself to not be jealous.


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