Can I tell you a secret?

Last year I was a 4.0 gpa honor roll student. I did very well in school and I would excel in classes with over 100%s. I could have gotten over a 4.0.

I got spiraled out of control my last year of highschool and weirdly latched onto a guy I didn't know. I'd write him telling him things I never told anyone. I don't exactly know why.

This guy took what I said and bullied me. At first he'd read my emails and he was a bit rude, but I'm stubborn. After months of emailing him, I decided to drop out and get my GED. I don't know why. I feel like it was dumb. I spent the rest of the school year in trade school and working a factory job. I couldn't do it anymore because I began bleeding daily from the work I had to do.

He told everyone I was a hoe when I told him I'm a virgin and never masturbated. He made fun of me and made me feel worthless for dropping out.

I decided to enroll in college to become a doctor because I would have been in college this year anyways.

I'm being emotionally abused by a man I don't even know. I don't know why. He always fucks with me when he knows I'm doing good things in life.

He's a suburban rich boy. I come from a small town where most people end up dead, not graduating or single parents.

I keep telling myself it's not a big deal because I would have went to college this year anyways. I found out I hated working trade jobs and factory work.

I don't know why I'm being abused by a man I barely know or why I'm talked to him. I wish I could hurt him for hurting my feelings.

I wish he was gone. I don't like him anymore. I'm sick of him fucking with me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • This world is full of dumb people and haters u have to ignore them all and with your intelligence and smart work u can be one step ahead from those stupid people and can achieve great success
    Good luck


What Girls Said 2

  • All your social media have delete buttons. All you devices have off switches. Tell him to fuck off and then delete everything.

    Wait a couple of weeks then open new accounts.

    • I'm gonna turn my phone off during school. I have no choice. He purposely messes with me by spreading rumors and bullies me. The only thing that helps me get over thing's is to completely indulge myself in it.
      My boss wouldn't let me go out plumbing by myself or teach my plumbing things. I'd just shovel and organize things. It wasn't helping my mental health.
      I only remember being happy in HS when I could completely forget everything and study all day. I want to go to medical school and completely become consumed in my work. I hate having free time or doing boring jobs like plumbing and factory work. It doesn't challenge me enough and I don't have kids or a family. It's better to just go to college since trade school didn't interest me.

  • Okay then


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