Could you tell me why I did this and how to fix it?

Last year I became attached to a random guy online I never met. I don't even think he's cute or nice, but I still wrote him because I wanted to talk.

I'm an introvert and I don't trust people or like talking to other people.

This guy has been more and more abusive over time.

I don't even know why I talked to a random guy online since I'm always secretive and private.

I got labaled an attention seeker when that's not the case. I don't even respond to men when they flirt or want to talk. I got mad at him for saying I wanted to do something sexual when I didn't.

Why would I even do this? I feel weird.


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  • Well, you did want attention, to talk. You wanted someone to talk with, which is only human. But why this guys specifically, only you can answer. And why you continue to? I'd keep asking yourself this until you figure it out. Why this guy? There must be something about him, you just may not be sure what that is? Maybe it was the type of attention he showed you or what you guys talked about?

    • As far as ending it, just say that you don't feel like you guys "connect" and should talk anymore. Sounds like he'll agree? You might even just be able to stop talking to him (do you think he'd message you and wonder)?

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    • I hear you, I don't either. Maybe it was that he was a stranger that was the appeal (he didn't know you)... but then why not another guy if that was it?

    • I didn't want to tell anyone else my secrets. I felt upset he told people the secrets I told him

Most Helpful Girl

  • Is it to hard to stop chatting with the guy? he is obviously a pervert and you must realize that.

    • I don't like you. I just want to know why I latched onto and trusted a complete stranger for absolutely no reason. He's not even attractive to me and I hate his personality.

    • wow he's not attractive for you and you hate his personality, if so you should stop chatting with him, shouldn't you? in my opinion you wanted his attention.
      i will not judge you, just tell the truth and your real feelings.

    • It upset me when after I told him I never masturbated he called me a whore. I didn't understand.

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  • Maybe you just subtly wanted his attention?

    • I don't even like him or find him attractive. I just felt like I could tell him anything for some reason. I felt drawn to him... which sounds stupid. Anyways I dislike him. He turned out to be really abusive and I don't know why.

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    • 👍👍

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  • How should we know


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