I don’t know what to do?

So last week I was chilling at my Female Friends house (She and I are both 25)(we hang out a lot to the point where some could easily say we are a couple)(We both prefer to hang out and socialise than to do things like Playing Video Games), and we decided we wanted to go on a relaxing trip to this absoloutely breathtaking place, so she said “Before we go, I would like to go have a quick shower”, I said “Yeah sure, no problem”, so 5 mins elapsed and she was still in the shower and Curiosity bit me on the ass so I peeked through the bathroom door keyhole, and saw my female friend completely naked, for refrence I did think she looked beautiful prior to this happening, but anyways I had my peek and then I saw her getting out so I walked back to the couch and played it casual. For the next few days I was trying to think of the least awkward way to tell her that I peeked through the keyhole and saw her naked, 3 days ago I just thought “This is a test of friendship, if she is a true friend she will forgive me for doing it, but I’ll understand if she does not forgive me, I mean I did perv on her, which would be very awkward”, so during a visit I came clean with her, I told her I got curious, peeked through the keyhole and saw her naked, I also opened up and told her that prior to that I have always thought she was beautiful in every way”, she said “I’m not mad, If anything I’m speechless, we have known each other since we met 5 years ago, why did’nt you tell me you thought I looked beautiful in every way”, so I replied “After you friendzoned me when we met, I thought that you would never see me as anything other than a good friend”, she then leant over and kissed my lips, now I was the speechless one, our conversation then changed to our usual pool of topics

Now I dunno what to do, like as far as I am aware, I have not “made a move”, if anything I feel like she made the first move, I legitimately don’t know whether or not I should pursue a relationship with her.


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  • If you hang out enough to be mistaken for a couple and 5 years have passed, then you must know each other pretty well by now.
    From what I can gather out of the description of your relationship it seems like you two can go together. You can hang out, talk, take trips together, what not. And apparently you're sexually attracted to each other, too.
    Sounds like an amazing chance. Take it.
    Building trust and such is another thing, but that should come with work. You already came clean with her, didn't you? Doesn't sound like you'll be too easy to doubt in that field, which is great.

    So yeah. Go get her!

    • Update: During a walk I asked her what she would say if I were to ask her out, and being the cheeky girl that she is, she said “why don’t you ask me out and find out?”, so I did and she said “I had been waiting for you to ask, I would love to go out with you”, I felt so happy as soon as we got home we started kissing each other a lot, apart of me was saying try to turn her on but I just wanted to keep kissing her, thats pretty much all we did so far, tomorrow I plan to take her to this really fancy restraunt (It’s expensive, so I rarely go there), and there is a musician who will play requested songs (I’m actually a good singer too), and I’m going to request him to play My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, which is her favourite song, And I’m gonna step out of my comfort zone to go out of my way to sing it in public, she does not know how good of a singer I am, mostly because that is something I generally keep to myself, Hopefully I can make it a night to remember.

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    • I tried not to wake her as I gently kissed her and inaudibly mouthed “I love you”, I feel though that to use those three words so soon may be a bit premature so I figure I won’t say those words until either she says “I love you” first or I feel it an appropriate time to tell her. Either way the date went better than I expected, I hope that this never ends, I wanna be hers forever.


      Now just stay that way. All the best going on, dude!

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