Should I text him again?

I hung out with this guy once but we've been talking for a while. After I hung out with him he texted me like right after and the next day he texted me first again. I replied to his text then when he didn't reply I texted him again like six hours later asking him what he was doing that night...I waited like two days and decided to text him saying hey but he never responded...Its been about a week and he hasn't attempted anything...I think I should probably let it go but I really don't want to...Am I right to just leave it alone and move on? I just feel like I really want to know why he stopped talking to me...It wasn't like we hung out and then he didn't so I just can't understand it...Please someone help me out?


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  • It is sometimes hard to understand what goes on in a boys head. I experienced something similar except he only texts me when HE feels like it, so if I text him usually I don't get a response back. I think that since you have tried 2 or 3 times and haven't gotten anything, I would definitely let it go until he maybe texts you. But it's not worth the time and energy, especially if he seems to be ignoring you. Maybe if you really want to find out what is going on, you can try calling him? But just once, and after that if he doesn't answer, call, or text back, I would leave it at that.

    • Thank you that helps alot

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