Guys, New to the online dating scene. Any tips for a noob?

I need some tips on filling out my new woman profile for this online dating website I signed up on. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m eager to go out with eligible single men from my area. How do I spice up my profile so that men will feel drawn to it? The only thing I’ve done is posted a current profile photo of me. I don’t know what to write down on my description, so I really need help with this part!


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  • best thing is to have a really good profile pic. I had some professional pics taken when i was younger and I got a lot of responses when i used it. However as I got older the pic wasn't relevant anymore so I had to change it to some different pics and the responses fell off. for the description just play around with stuff doesn't have to be super serious use the dating to actually get to know them.

    • For my profile photo I went with a recent selfie, so I'm pretty confident it's flattering. I was thinking of doing a more honest approach based from the other comments here, but it's not a bad idea to throw in a joke or two for my description too.

  • It depends what are your intentions. If you want to date or if you're just looking for a hookup post a revealing picture the guys will flock to you lol. If you want something more meaningful the best advice i can give is just be as honest (it's amazing how many people can't even be that) and true to what you're looking for as you can. you're still going to have a lot of dicks thrown at you (such is the nature of online dating for a woman) but it'll also increase the odds of attracting the guy you're looking for. I can't speak for all guys but i can say the biggest turn off for me is when a woman stresses a certain level of education or income.

    • Thanks for the tip! Currently, I'm looking to date men for a serious relationship, so it's good to know these things! I've been browsing through a few men's profiles and I have to say that so far, stating the level of education / income is becoming a huge pet peeve for me as well lol

  • Put some interests there. Cold calling (which is sort of what this is) is difficult, and they can act as ice-breakers, and give people things to talk about. It also means it's easier to tell when people have been too lazy to bother reading your profile.

    • Cold calling? Never heard of that term before! That's a good point you made there and it would be nice to know whether a person bothered to read your profile or not.

    • Cold calling is a business term, which is probably why. It is essentially calling up an entity/someone who you have not interacted with before.
      (Defn: make an unsolicited visit or telephone call to (someone), in an attempt to sell goods or services)
      Though I suppose, contact is not entirely unsolicited on a dating site...

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